Who is Indie Advance?
Indie Advance is a team of seasoned music and business professionals. We provide integrated and affordable management and marketing solutions to independent artists and bands around the world. In addition to offering global distribution to over 150 of the top Digital Service Providers, Indie Advance provides the necessary tools and services to guide and foster your business growth.
Why was Indie Advance created?

Indie Advance was created to help independent bands and artists in the current confusing and evolving music business environment. After 30+ years and wearing many hats, Tom saw the need for experienced and seasoned professionals to offer guidance, dedicated to fostering the growth and development of indie artists.

How much does Indie Advance charge?

IA offers 6 affordable artist development packages starting at just $500/month, as well as a la carte services depending on your needs.  Click here for packages and pricing details.

Can I customize my own package?

Yes, but in order for us to best cater your package, first email us your goals and vision. Include your contact information and we will get back to you with some customized options. 

Is this the same as hiring a manager?

No. Indie Advance is a service provider for musicians, however, our goals are the same as those of a manager. A manager is a person who handles your personal interests as well as your business interests, however they may not have the experience you need. A manager will handle your money, organize tours, communicate with promoters, broker record deals etc, for a percentage of your earnings. With Indie Advance, we do not take a percentage or own anything. We provide services worked by executives that have long and successful histories in the business.  IA will oftentimes work WITH managers too however, aiding and supporting them with our expertise.

Do I have creative control?

Yes. At Indie Advance, we simply introduce great bands to the world by providing services to help reach your goals. You maintain total control over all creative aspects of your music and own your IP.

Do you specialize in only certain kinds of music or can you help anybody?

We specialize in music marketing in all genres. We work with you to guide and implement your wishes regardless of musical style.

I live pretty far away from you guys. How will we connect?

We have clients all over the world. Indie Advance can work with you regardless of geographic location. Our work is done online and our mission is to globalize your music. IA’s relationships are global and we have executives placed in strategic countries and cities.

Why is having a Professional Bio Important?

A bio is a snapshot of who you are and what you have done.  It also gives a glimpse into your personality and your goals. It is typically what someone reads while they listen to your very first song. 

What kind of internet marketing and digital uploading will you help bands to implement?

Depending on the package we will help guide and schedule content uploads for all your social media, work with you and your youtube and video channels, as well as help get your songs on all the Digital Service Providers, such as Apple Tunes, Pandora, Spotify etc.

What are A & R reviews and why are they crucial for an artist’s career advancement and reputation?

Songs reviewed by A&R and Radio Promotion professionals give you an idea of how you stack up in today’s environment.  This can get tricky because songs are subjective. We can only say that the people that review and listen, have been involved with many hit records. It is professional feedback only. There is also some outsourcing we do for average non professional listener feedback for a nominal additional charge if you choose to explore that option. 

What is the difference between A & R Reviews and Artist Reviews?

A&R are song reviews. Artist review, is reviewing your band or you as a singer/songwriter. Critiques, suggestions etc.

What are Contract Reviews?

Although we cannot give legal advice, we have been involved with hundreds of contracts and can tell you what to keep an eye out for and what makes sense and what doesn’t. We will review the contracts with you. If we feel you should speak with a lawyer on certain clauses we will indicate this to you.

“One hour of consultation with an expert in each individual field” What expertise and which fields will artists be benefitting?

Examples of experts could be a licensing expert, a Grammy award winning mixing engineer, or maybe a booking agent.

What does World Wide Licensing Mean?

Licensing means having various worldwide territories marketing your music, or distributing your CD. Every deal is unique.

Where do the Videos Get Uploaded?

There are HUNDREDS of video outlets that will play videos from “in-store” retail play to many cable outlets. Visual awareness is still key.