2 hour consulting package (1 session)


DISCUSS: “education”

Streaming Royalties

Learn how to get paid

Collections Organizations


Music Supervisors

Garage Band

2 hour consultation


Can be broken up into three 40 minute sessions

Website review and bio writing

Singles Research/Hit Prediction Analytics

One Press Release


Club Band

Includes Garage Band Package plus:


Consultation – 1 hour per month

TV / Film placement solicitation

Featured Artist Placement on Indie Advance website

Social Media/Fan Base Support

One press release per month


Tour Package

Includes Club Band Package plus:


Five A&R written reviews

Worldwide Licensing Submission

Video Uploads

Artist Assessment



Includes Tour Package plus:


EPK editing

Contract reviews

One hour of consultation with an industry expert in your area of interest

Singles Research/Hit Prediction Analytics

Four hours of consultation with Tom


Global Star

Includes Headliner Package plus:


5 hours consultation a month

Artist Assessment

Singles Research/Hit Prediction Analytics

Dedicated band assistant

Set up your band as a business


Manage Your Digital Footprint

  1. Content Campaigns
  2. Fan Base Acceleration
  3. Social Media Leveraging
  4. Stream Playlisting

SPOTIFY Hyperactive Playlisting/listener advertising to expedite streams

INSTAGRAM Unverified & Verified account programs to raise impressions, gain followers, increase fan engagement

YOUTUBE Awareness campaigns ranging from 25k, 50k,100k views on select content pieces

SOUNDCLOUD Reposts campaigns ranging from 1 million to 30 million follower increase

TIK TOK Influencer engagement to post video with your song to their followers from 1-10 million

Cost varies based on # of platforms and # of songs

1 Hour Recorded Consultation with Expert in Field of Your Choice:

  • Legal advice
  • Digital marketing management
  • Advertising and Branding
  • Sync Licensing /Publishing
  • Playlisting/Fan Base Acceleration

Radio Promotion

  • College
  • Non Commercial
  • AAA
  • NPR
  • Specialty Formats

Project Management

Custom Website Design and Build

A-la-Carte Options

To customize your package contact us.