Independent Music Marketing Services

Project Management

One of our experienced team members will manage your project, based on your directives.

Indie Advance can help create a campaign for your project, oversee the timeline, advise and strategize your initiatives.

We can also as interface with your other team members (ie, manager, PR agent, etc. if applicable)

*You do not have to be using any of our other services to purchase this particular package

Customize Your Service Package

To customize your package contact us.

Your Band as a Business

With IA Business Affairs Partner

  1. Setting up LLC
  2. Setting up Personal Publishing Co
  3. PRO Affiliation
  4. Royalty Collections
  5. Business Affairs Education

DPK Services and Label Shopping

Manage Your Digital Footprint

SPOTIFY Editorial Playlisting & Fanbase Acceleration

INSTAGRAM Unverified & Verified account programs, impressions, followers, fan engagement

YOUTUBE Awareness campaigns and video optimization

SOUNDCLOUD Revenue generation campaigns

TIK TOK Influencer engagement & optimization

Fees vary per campaign

Licensing and Sync Services

  1. Review and qualify music and metadata for sync clearance (prices vary $50- $100)
    • Per approval and agreement 50/50 sync fee split with IA
    • IA does not take any royalty backend
    • Non-exclusive service
  2. Uploads to IA sync platform
  3. Pitching to Music Supervisors/Advertising Creatives

Radio Promotion

  • College
  • Non Commercial
  • AAA (Triple A)
  • NPR
  • Top 40
  • Rhythmic
  • Hot AC/AC
  • Specialty Formats

1 Hour Recorded Strategy Meeting with Expert in Field of Your Choice:

  • Business Affairs Consultation
  • Digital marketing management
  • Advertising and Branding
  • Sync Licensing /Publishing
  • Playlisting/Fan Base Acceleration


  1. Hit Prediction/ Audience Analytics
  2. Bio Writing
  3. EPK Editing
  4. Website Design & Review
  5. Artist Assessment
  6. International Territory Reach
  7. Get Featured on Our Artist Page

Prices vary depending on services